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A trip to Walter’s Pumpkin Patch…

If you live in Kansas and have children, you should definitely hit up this attraction in the Fall. At Walter’s Pumpkin Patch the kids will have a blast playing and will enjoy some good ol’ fashion fun outdoors! We happened to be celebrating one of my niece’s birthday and it was the perfect party spot :)

How much have we grown this year?

Picture Props!




She takes after her Aunt :)

The underground slide.



She wasn’t so sure about it the first time.


Big sister leads the way!


If I just close my eyes, it will all be over soon.



Ok, you’ve stopped. You can open your eyes now.



Priceless expression.




Maggie decided it would be best to watch from afar.


Now on to the Jumping Pillow!

















And last, but not least…train ride around the farm.